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What is detailing?

Detailing is the systematic rejuvenation and protection of the various surfaces of a vehicle.

What is paintwork correction?
Farba Guard’s paintwork correction process is the removal of common paint problems, such as scratches, bird stains, swirl marks, buffer marks, micro-marring, orange peel, cob-webbing and 3D hologram effects. This is carried out by re-levelling the laquer by 1 or 2 microns, so that the paintwork reflects light perfectly at all angles, including direct sunlight.

What is carnauba wax?
Carnauba wax is a resin produced by the leaves of a South American wax palm tree, Copernicia Cerifera, to protect it against harsh rainforest conditions (extreme heat, solar radiation, moisture and humidity). With a strong grain structure, carnauba is the hardest wax known to man, but also dries to an extremely deep natural shine.

I’ve recently purchased a black car, but after its first wash I’ve noticed swirl marks and the paintwork dulling. Why is this happening?
There are a number of reasons for this, but more often that not, it’s because someone inexperienced has been using the wrong products, techniques and buffing pads to remove scratches and other imperfections in the paintwork. The swirl marks appear after the first wash because the polishes and glazes used to fill in the swirl marks and imperfections get washed away.

I want to enter my vehicle for a cars or bikes show/event. Can you prepare it?
Show car preparation is a pleasure and a perfect demonstration of Farba Guard’s expertise. Please call us for further details.

Are there any cars you won’t do?
Farba Guard will detail anything from a Diahatsu to a Maybach. However, the cost of expertise means that we tend to detail luxury and sports cars almost exclusively. It should be noted that we cannot detail cars that need paint correction until this has been carried out. If you are unsure whether your car needs attention to the paintwork, please call us to discuss matters before booking.

Can you collect and deliver my car?
Yes, we provide this service. If you need your car collected, detailed and then delivered, we are able to do this for you.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept Cash only.

What hours do you work?
Our working hours are Saturdays to Thursdays 9.00AM to 6.00PM.

How do I book?
Just call us on 04-3403434 to book an appointment for your car. Bookings will only be confirmed once a registration form has been completed and confirmed by email or phone. Members only need to complete a registration form once, then bookings can be made and confirmed by email or telephone, whichever is more convenient.

If you need to cancel, we require to be informed at least 48 hours prior to your confirmed booking.

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