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The Main Advantages of our CS-II Paint Protection Systems

  • Strengthenes paint gloss and provides protection against oxidation, Ultra-violet rays, acidic rain and even insects!
  • Permanent increase in the ease and effectiveness of cleaning and preservation of your vehicle’s appearance.
  • Elimination of the need to wax by sealing in the permanently protective shine.
  • Reduction of paint chipping from road debris.
  • Strong durability, hardness and paint finish enhancement qualities.
  • Owners are spared from the frequent cleaning, eliminating the need to wax your vehicle.
  • The long-lasting value it adds to your vehicle’s appearance while protecting the environment by eliminating the need to use detergents and generate waste water.

CS-II Ceramic

  • Full Body Wash
  • Detailed Interior Cleaning
  • Leather Reconditioning
  • Protective Teflon Coating
  • Engine Detailing
  • Headlight Cleaning
  • Alloy Wheels Cleaning

AED 2999/2499

CS-II Glass

  • Full Body Wash
  • Detailed Interior Cleaning
  • Paintwork Decontamination
  • Multi Stage Polishing Process
  • Deodorizing
  • Headlight Cleaning
  • Tyre Cleaning and Polish

AED 1999/2499


  • Full Body Wash
  • Basic Interior Cleaning
  • Paintwork Decontamination
  • Two Stage Polishing Process
  • Deodorizing
  • Headlight Cleaning
  • Tyre Cleaning and Polish

AED 1199/1499

We’re your Paint Protection Specialists

How do CS-II Paint Sealants work?

If you were to look at your paintwork under a microscope, you would see that it isn’t smooth, it is full of holes and looks much like a sponge. Every time it rains, the average car will soak up over a pint of water. But just think what else it soaks up! The environment is full of chemicals which are harmful to paintwork, from acid rain to corrosive and oxidizing compounds deposited by rain.

Sealing these holes protects the paintwork and even makes it stronger protection against minor scratches. The tough coating of our paint sealant also blocks harmful UV radiation which can bleach the color from your car paintwork.

Something you might want to know about CS-II Paint Protection

It is a paint protection sealant that extends the life of your car’s paintwork. The paint protection sealant would cover areas like UV radiation, industrial fallout, etching and acidic rain and just about anything that is detrimental to your car paint protection.

The paint sealant also improves on your car’s cosmetic condition, giving it a showroom appearance, thus increasing your car’s resale value. One important thing that you might need to take note would be that applying the sealant requires professional trained technicians to go through a series of multiple step processes to result in a professional guaranteed finish.

The tools that we used to polish the cars are also carefully selected to ensure that the end finishing result is satisfactory. The CS-II Paint Protection System has undergone thirty years of highly researched modifications in the USA to offer strengthening protection for your vehicle over the years ahead, this is also the reason why we have repeated customers coming back for more.

Our various car care products and after-service car grooming services are also a main reason why our valuable customers are returning to us.


CS-II Ceramic

CS-II Glass


Oxidation Protection
UV Protection
Acid Rain/Salt Protection
Increased Paint gloss
Longer Lasting Paint Shine 4 years + 3 years + 2 years +
Paint Hardness Enhancement
Minor Chipping Protection
Minor Scratch Protection
Easy Spray on application  
Clear coat safe
Hydrophobic (Water repellent)
Highly Anti Corrosion  
Extreme mineralization protection
Extreme temperature protection    
Organic staining protection    
Salt deposition protection    
Instant Cure    
Warranty 5 years 4 years 3 years
AED 3499 AED 2299 AED 1199
AED 3999 AED 2699 AED 1499

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