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Window Tinting

Window Films are a transparent plastic film applied to automotive or flat glass windows for one or more of four purposes: Privacy, Heat or Light rejection, Security or Graphic design.

O3 films are non-reflective, heat protective and metalized. These special films are designed to enhance your vehicle’s appearance and provide high performance heat rejection. A wide range of optically clear and colored films is available to customize your vehicle.

O3 films are manufactured in the USA under strict quality control and the best technical standards. O3 films come with up to 7 yearrs warranty on tint film and application.

Benefits of the O3 Window Film:

  • Protect up to 95% of Infra Red (Heat)
  • Block 99.6% of UV rays
  • Cut Glare
  • Reduces electricity consumption from Air- Con
  • Protection against interior fading
  • Increased privacy and enhanced aesthetics
  • Protection against shattered glass
  • Maintenance free and scratch resistant

Starting from AED 649, call us now at 04 340 34 34 to inquire.

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